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Sonia Dueñas

Sonia joined Valley Vision in 2018 as a project associate, focusing on the Regional Prosperity Plan. Her research interests include minority entrepreneurship and the relationship between religiosity and depression within the African American community.

Professional Experience

Before joining Valley Vision Sonia held a role in sales and operations management in the private sector for three years. Being in management within a new industry built Sonia’s leadership skills and the ability to see a goal from a macro and micro perspective.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology – California State University Sacramento
  • Master’s degree in Public Health – Columbia University


Watching, attending, or participating in roundtable interviews in the topics of mental health, business, and resiliency (probably a result of watching Larry King and Oprah as a child as opposed to joining sports). The Office—‘That’s what she said.’ Driving through San Joaquin Valley fields at sunrise and sunset. Surrealism, street art, and woodwork art. Alone time—to evaluate ideas, situations and personal beliefs. Hiking and dancing (sometimes a combination of both). Artichoke Basille’s Pizza (NYC). Colorful jewelry—ethnic, painted, beaded, real, fake—I love it all. David Attenborough narrating the endless wonders of wildlife. Conversations with strangers.