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Digital Skills

child with headset

In all sectors of the economy, digital technologies are creating a dramatic shift in the way we learn, work and communicate.

As civic, economic and cultural institutions move forward with the productivity gains and increased outputs that digital technologies bring to their day-to-day work, there is a social responsibility to ensure that all populations are able to share in those gains in a meaningful way.

In partnership with the Sacramento Coalition for Digital Inclusion, Valley Vision will be delivering out-of-school technology learning opportunities to 7,500 K-12 students, one of the priority recommendations of the coalition, to expose youth to different technology and build confidence in their digital skills.

Additionally, under a grant from Union Bank, Valley Vision is working on a project that will provide expanded learning time and out-of-school programming for students, focusing on Code, Digital Media Creation and Digital Literacy. These learning opportunities will target 7,500 students in high-need communities, from census tracts within Sacramento where broadband adoption is less than 82% (California‚Äôs state-wide adoption average).

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