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Zero-Emission Hydrogen Locomotive Webinar

Event Details

December 16, 2022

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Join Valley Vision on December 16th for an informative webinar about the new hydrogen switcher locomotive coming to the Port of West Sacramento! The new hydrogen fuel cell locomotive, built and tested by Sierra Northern Railway, will demonstrate how hydrogen-fueled switching locomotives improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the quality of life for surrounding communities. Join us to learn more about this exciting project coming to the Sacramento Region!

The new zero-emission switching locomotive will use advanced hydrogen technology to replace a diesel locomotive that currently uses 10,000 gallons of diesel a year. There are more than 260 switcher locomotives that operate in California-currently all powered by diesel. This hydrogen switching locomotive will be the first of its kind, proof of concept project by Sierra Northern Railway, and will feature hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and battery and control technologies that are much more environmentally friendly than diesel. If proven successful, hydrogen switchers could revolutionize the locomotive industry.

Please contact should you have any questions.