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Public Sector Workforce Needs Assessment

Housing Stanislaus Report (Español)

El informe Housing Stanislaus comparte tendencias de datos relacionados con la vivienda, hallazgos de partes interesadas sobre los desafíos percibidos en el desarrollo de viviendas y soluciones recomendadas para superar las barreras identificadas. Dado que el desarrollo de viviendas es un proceso complicado, el informe presenta una variedad de soluciones potenciales para atraer a diferentes intereses y circunstancias que existen en el condado.

Housing Stanislaus Report (English)

The Housing Stanislaus report shares housing-related data trends, findings from stakeholders regarding perceived challenges to housing development, and recommended solutions for overcoming identified barriers. Knowing that housing development is a complicated process, the report presents a range of potential solutions to appeal to varied interests and circumstances that exist in the county.

Information & Communication Technologies Regional Advisory: Building the Full Stack

California Jobs First (CERF) Planning Phase Plan

CERF RFP Communications Partner

Hospitality, Culinary, and Tourism Advisory Report

CERF RFP Research Partner

Administration of Justice and Public Safety: Firefighting Careers Advisory Report

Administration of Justice and Public Safety: Firefighting Careers Advisory Report

The Greater Sacramento Region’s Workforce: A Status Report

Valley Vision, in partnership with the Greater Sacramento Center of Excellence and other stakeholders, conducted the Employer Survey and Livability Poll in 2022 to understand and inform workforce and economic development planning, including current regional efforts for community college workforce initiatives. This report details a compilation of workforce-specific findings from the research with key takeaways.

Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation: Capital Region Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Report