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Lunch and Learn: California Jobs First (CERF) (May 2022)

On May 12, Valley Vision and its partner held an Information Session on the California Jobs First (CERF), a one-time use of State general funds that will distribute $600 million to regions across California to support inclusive and low carbon economic development.

The California Jobs First’s (CERF) program pillars are to promote equitable and sustainable economic development; support inclusive economic planning that prioritizes equity, job quality, and sustainability; and align and leverage federal and state funding to maximize economic resilience. 

The Lunch and Learn included a panel of regional and community leaders who shared their thoughts on how the California Jobs First (CERF) opportunity could benefit the region, and what successful implementation of the program might look like. 

Click here to view the slides and agenda from the Lunch and Learn.

A recording for the Lunch and Learn can be found on YouTube and below: