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Future of Work

The digitalization of work is affecting jobs across all sectors of industry, but wide ranging speculation persists as to how it will impact our region’s economy and workforce.

In response, Valley Vision, in partnership with the North Far North Region Center of Excellence, is providing occupational research to identify jobs and populations most vulnerable to job displacement, informing a regional displacement preparedness/layoff aversion initiative. Valley Vision, supported by Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), Golden Sierra Workforce Development Board (WDB), North Central Counties Consortium, and the Yolo Workforce Investment Board, is bringing together workforce partners, educators, and employers to have critical conversations on this issue and identify high priority actions for the region to ensure a diverse, vibrant and competitive workforce for the jobs in demand today and into the future.

Valley Vision worked with the Los Rios Center of Excellence to examine the impact that automation will have on jobs, people, and sectors in the Capital Region. Read the COE and Valley Vision report to learn about the composition of the region’s workforce, the populations that will be impacted by automation, and automation risk across sectors and skill types. This report can help us address as a region how we can prepare for the impending skill shift.

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