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CA Jobs First Community Survey

Survey Purpose

The Capital Region Community Survey 2023 is part of the CA Jobs First (CERF) efforts. The goal of CA Jobs First (CERF) is to determine how we can increase the number of and access to high quality jobs. “High quality jobs” are those that offer a living wage, health benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. These jobs also should not cause harm to our bodies or our planet.

By taking this survey, you’ll help us understand what works well in your community, areas of improvement or opportunity, and ways we can make sure these jobs are available to those who need them most.

Survey Options

Farsi Survey

Due to formatting issues the Farsi survey is a physical form that you can download from this webpage. After the survey has been filled out please email it to cerf@valleyvision.org.

Gift Card Information

We appreciate you for your participation and help! When completing the survey, you will have the option to enter a raffle to win one of five $100 gift cards. Additionally, the first 50 respondents will receive a $25 gift card. Providing additional information will be required to be eligible. Gift cards will be sent in early/mid December after the survey closes.