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Livability Summit 2022 Post-Event Materials

Materials from the Livability Summit 2022

Livability Summit Event Recap Summary Report

Panelists & Speakers:

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Livability Summit 2022

The Livability Summit: Virtuous Circle of Connection

Read the Livability Summit blog post here by Valley Vision CEO – Evan Schmidt

North Sacramento Video

Videos produced by KJ2 Productions

Our Livability Summit asked two important questions: What is “livability” and how do we actualize it in our communities? The answers to these questions may be different according to one’s own experiences and interests. Leaders from North Sacramento provide their perspective on livability through the lens of being a part of one of Sacramento’s oldest neighborhoods. They also remind us of the power and inspiration that community pride can create.

Video Participants:

  • Daniel Savala, Director of the El Paso Boulevard Partnership 
  • Larry Lee, President/Publisher of The Sacramento Observer
  • Shaun Thao, Director of Hope Community Center
  • Mina Perez, CEO/President of The Vida De Oro Foundation
  • Julie Lynhiavue, CEO of T&Y Supermarket
  • Kevin Dobson, Founder/Executive Director of Capital College and Career Academy

North Sacramento Video

SMUD Sustainable Communities Program &

Resource Priorities Map

The Sustainable Communities program helps bring environmental equity and economic vitality to all communities in our service area, with special attention given to historically underserved neighborhoods.

In order to deploy comprehensive resources for our communities most in need, we must align our region’s investments toward the goal of creating and supporting healthy, vibrant, and economically sustainable neighborhoods.

This interactive map helps analyze current data to indicate the local areas most likely to be underserved or in distress by a lack of community development, income, housing, employment opportunities, transportation, medical treatment, nutrition, education, and a clean environment.

View the Livability Summit presentation for the program and the map below.

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