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Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan (2021)

2021 Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan

The Greater Sacramento region is at the heart of one of the world’s largest agricultural economies, producing products for people at home and around the globe. With its renowned food and agricultural assets, the region produces a large diversity of high-quality crops and products and values its agricultural heritage, while looking to the future as a global innovator and leader in sustainable agriculture, food, and health.

Yet, in spite of our great abundance, the region experiences persistent levels of food insecurity, lack of access to healthy affordable foods, and lack of equitable access to economic opportunities, among other conditions. The Sacramento Region Community Foundation (Foundation) engaged Valley Vision to prepare phase one of the 2021 Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan (Regional Action Plan), which assesses the capital area’s food landscape and offers recommendations to grow its capacity and resilience – efforts made more urgent by ongoing health and climate crises.

The project team also developed an eight-page document (below) containing summaries of key assets, challenges, and recommendations across the six strategic focus areas in the full Regional Action Plan (above).

Companion research and analysis on regional food security status, community food guides prepared by UC Davis, and a listing of new and expanded state and federal resources that can support recommendations and actions are available on Valley Vision’s website.

To stay engaged and informed about the Regional Action Plan and Phase Two, email us at

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