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Sacramento Region California Jobs First (CERF) FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Sacramento Region’s California Jobs First (CERF) program efforts. This list will be regularly updated to include new topics and questions.  If you have any further questions about these efforts or how to get involved, please contact  If you have general questions about the California Jobs First (CERF) program, please visit the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research CERF website.

Application Process

What is the best way to get involved in the application process for the Planning Phase of the California Jobs First (CERF)? 

Please take 3 minutes to fill up this form and indicate your interest in participating in the Sacramento Region California Jobs First (CERF) planning phase APPLICATION process, due on July 25. Your responses will determine our method and frequency of communicating with you as we work to prepare our region’s application. Note that this form will NOT be used to gauge interest in the PLANNING PHASE itself; if designated as Regional convener, Valley Vision and its partners will ensure that the regional collaborative meaningfully engages stakeholders and communities as outlined by the California Jobs First (CERF) program. 

Valley Vision will also be hosting a series of bi-weekly open-to-all California Jobs First (CERF) application process workshops in June and July. The first workshop is taking place on Thursday, June 2, from 4pm to 6pm, and will be a deep-dive into the requirements of the application process, as well as a vision-setting. Click here to register for the workshop. If you haven’t yet, please sign-up for our Sacramento Region CERF newsletter to ensure that you are receiving communications and links about these sessions. 

How much public awareness will there be around the application process? 

It is a priority for Valley Vision to ensure that it is providing regular updates throughout the application process, planning phase, and implementation phase, through our own website and channels, as well as through our partner regional and community leaders and their networks.  If you haven’t yet, please sign-up for our Sacramento Region CERF newsletter to ensure that you are receiving all communications related to the California Jobs First (CERF). 

Planning Phase

If Valley Vision is designated as the Sacramento Region’s Regional Convener, will there be opportunities for funded partnerships? 

Yes. As Regional Convener, Valley Vision would seek to distribute resources to enable participation, increase capacity, and provide technical assistance to organizations, entities, and individuals who are interested in participating in the Planning Phase of the grant. The details of what this process would look like are still to be determined.

What might the governance structure and/or decision-making process look like during the Planning Phase? 

Valley Vision and its partners have done some early brainstorming around what it would look like to begin building the regional collaborative that would drive the Planning Phase of the California Jobs First (CERF) program. 

This chart illustrates a regional collaborative that will be further developed during the Planning Phase. As envisioned, it would be made up of Collaborative members, Committees (activity-based or strategy-based), and a Leadership Council.

Note that this chart is only a visual representation of some very early brainstorming; a final governance-structure and decision-making process will be co-designed and co-owned by entities, organizations, and individuals who will be participating in the Planning Phase.