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My Growth at Valley Vision

I first applied to be a Valley Vision intern through La Familia’s Thousand Strong program. Initially I was unsure because I did not fully understand what Valley Vision did and almost mistook it for an optometrist. However I found out it was a job that would not require me to be on a desk all day answering phone calls and organizing files. It was more than that, so I decided to apply and find out what Valley Vision was really about.

When I went to my interview I talked with Valley Vision staff and became so much more interested in the job after I found out what they do and what I would be doing. As a Valley Vision Intern you are not just answering phone calls and organizing files, you get to be part of the big picture. So far as a Valley Vision Intern I have been able to help with events, be part of meetings and develop my work ethic. During my first week I learned that so much actually goes into planning an event. It’s not like a party where you just get food and invite your friends over, you need to look at things like budgets so you can get a venue and food as well as all the supplies you need and scheduling everything at a time that works for most people. A lot goes on behind the scenes for projects – it’s not as simple as it seems.

After joining Valley Vision I also developed many useful skills. I have learned how to use digital systems that I do not typically use but that will be useful for my future. I am also treated like an adult and expected to act like an adult which helps develop my work ethic. Through my experiences here I have learned that no matter how stressful and annoying school is, it is teaching me skills that I will need to have for a good majority of jobs. Things like presentations and projects are preparing me for the real world because lots of jobs will require me to be comfortable giving speeches and presenting. Also, all that writing that I do will be very important for when I am writing proper emails or using good communication skills in general. Joining Valley Vision, in the beginning I did feel a bit inexperienced but ready to learn. After working here for a bit I have discovered that all the things I have learned at school are useful for my work.

Jackie feels that working at Valley Vision has taught her the value of continuing her education.

Valley Vision also administers a bunch of massive projects and creates immense changes in our region. The work that is done here is not something quantitative, it is a long process that all starts with a proposal. I have had the privilege to read some proposals as well as sit in on important meetings. Valley Vision creates the foundation for massive projects and builds them up, and as a Valley Vision employee you get to see all of that. What really makes Valley Vision so enjoyable is that there’s always something new, you aren’t always working on the same thing, but rather everyday there is something new to look forward to and you can find projects you really love and want to work on.

Although I have not worked with Valley Vision for long and still have a long ways to go, I have and will continue to learn so much and become a much more efficient person with my work. I feel that in the short amount of time that I have worked here I have been given various diverse tasks that will help develop not only one skill but multiple skills that will mold me into a better person.

Jaqueline Chavez is Valley Vision’s Thousand Strong Intern, brought to us by the City of Sacramento through a sponsorship from Verizon.