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What Are You Grateful for in 2017?

It’s that time of year again!

Every Holiday season, Valley Vision staff reflect on what we have been grateful for over the past year. It’s an annual tradition, and we are excited to share our reflections with you. Thank you!

Tammy Cronin: “I am thankful for my awesome coworkers, and the opportunity that we have to make this a great place to work, live and play.”

Emma Koefoed: “Grateful for a new job, new friends, and to have spent the summer traveling.”

Patrick Guild: “Happy, as always, for great family, friends, colleagues, and to live in such a beautiful part of the world.”

Bill Mueller: “As I grow older I am most thankful for my family — immediate and extended.”

Kari Hakker: “Every day I harbor a goldmine of gratitude for everything around me; especially the things I often take for granted like clean water, safe food, my health, electricity, family, strong values, the ability to learn, love, read, think, see, hear, smell, talk, touch, teach, and laughter!”

Alejandra Gallegos: “I am thankful for all the learning and growth opportunities I have experienced this year, the opportunity to able to work towards social improvement in my hometown, and for the exposure to the strong and inspiring work ethic from the Valley Vision family. Most importantly, I am grateful for the kind individuals who I have the pleasure of interacting with on a consistent basis.”

Anessa Chacon:

  • “I’m grateful to have be given the opportunity to work in a place as accepting and wholesome to work at like Valley Vision.
  • I’m grateful to have such a wonderful family whom I hold dearly.
  • I’m grateful to be here on earth with all of you.”

Evan Schmidt: “I’m grateful for my family and supportive and fun communities at home and at work.”

Adrian Rehn: “I am grateful for a fantastic year of personal growth, accomplishment, and awareness.”

Trish Kelly: “I am grateful that I live and work in a region where many wonderful partners are working together to support inclusive growth and prosperity for all, drive innovative approaches to our shared complex challenges, and help our region be a model for a healthy and clean workforce economy. To quote our partner Brian Bedford (Align Capital Region) “we are better together.”

Robyn Krock: “I am grateful for dogs. And my family’s health. Maybe not in that order.”

Lucie-Anne Radimsky: “I am grateful for:

  • Nature and simple pleasures.
  • My family and true friends.
  • My health and those of my loved ones.”

Jennifer Romero: “I am grateful and lucky to have an amazing wife who supports and encourages me to pursue my dreams. I am grateful for my family who without them I couldn’t be who I am, and to the furry babies in our lives who complete our family circle.”

Alan Lange: “I’m grateful for my family.  Both my wife and my son have a knack for making every day even brighter.”

Christine Ault: “I’m grateful that my path lead me to Sacramento, a small and connected community full of bright, passionate people with good intentions and big aspirations.”

Meg Arnold: “I’m grateful for soup, and for all the colleagues who make fun of my eating it every single day.”