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Info Session: Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF)

Event Details

November 18, 2021

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Valley Vision, together with its fellow Prosperity Partners, is convening an Information Session on the Community Economic Resilience Fund or “CERF,” the state’s $600 million investment in the planning and implementation of inclusive economic strategies for regions across the state.

What is the CERF? The CERF invites regional proposals for building towards High Road Transition Strategies, including investing in industries that will thrive in a carbon-neutral future, while creating high-quality jobs and clear pathways into those jobs, with a focus on those often left out of traditional economic development strategies.

What would CERF dollars do for our Greater Sacramento region? The Greater Sacramento region is well-positioned to receive this investment, because we have the capability to serve as a model for developing a resilient low carbon economy in California. Our region, which serves a population of 2.58 million and is home to the State Capitol, has set the stage to be a global leader in Future Mobility, already resulting in tangible outcomes. The CERF investment would be the transformative and catalytic event that will drive innovation, climate resilience, and inclusion within regions and across the state.

What are the goals of the Information Session? Provide an overview of the CERF and its parameters, including how it would further our region’s Prosperity Strategy; Initiate conversation around priorities for our region’s ask; Begin to build a coalition to advance this effort

What is the Prosperity Strategy and how can it support the CERF investment opportunity? Our Path Forward: The Prosperity Strategy is the six-county Greater Sacramento Region’s implementation plan for prioritizing our core economic initiatives, to result in a more prosperous, equitable and resilient region. As our federally-designated CEDS, the Prosperity Strategy can provide a foundation and blueprint for channeling federal and state investments toward inclusive economic growth.

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