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California Stewardship Network

In 2008, the Morgan Family Foundation launched the California Stewardship Network (CSN) as a civic venture, investing in California’s predominant economic regions. CSN began as a civic concept, morphed into an expansive project, and has emerged as an effective network and learning exchange comprised of civic leadership organizations that work together to improve economic, social and environmental conditions across the Golden State.

Today, fifteen regions across California – including the Sacramento Capital Region – make up the California Stewardship Network. Each is developing innovative regional solutions to the state’s most pressing economic, environmental, and community challenges. While each regional team drives its own stewardship strategy, all share a common approach to achieving Triple Bottom Line outcomes: the concept that sustainability through economy, environment and social equity must factor in decision-making. CSN partners with California Forward to organize the annual California Economic Summit.

The California Stewardship Network consists of 15 civic leadership organizations including the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Chico Stewardship Network, Fresno Business Council, Inland Empire Economic Partnership, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp, Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, Redwood Coast Rural Action, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp, San Luis Obispo Economic Vitality Corporation, Sierra Business Council, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Sonoma County Economic Development Board, Tahoe Prosperity Center, Valley Vision, and Ventura County Economic Development Collaborative.

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