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Yolo Food Hub Network Webinar: Sharing an update on the Esparto Facility & results of the buyer survey

Join the Yolo Food Hub Network for an informative webinar!

Participants will hear an update from the Yolo Food Hub Network (YFHN) on the recently acquired, five-acre property, including the improvements needed to retrofit the YFHN’s 22,000 sq ft building. The building will serve as the facility anchor in Esparto for the Yolo Food Hub Network and will provide distribution, storage, processing, and packing services, supporting regional farms and ranches in reaching new markets across the region. Participants will also hear the results from Yolo Food Hub Network’s second survey, which collected specific information from institutional buyers who may be interested in purchasing local and fresh produce from the Yolo Food Hub Network, including Spork Food Hub, Capay Valley Farm Shop, and other Yolo County Farms, all of whom are part of the YFHN and currently operate in Yolo County. These results will enable the Yolo Food Hub Network to strengthen local supply chains and to develop a facility that is equitable, sustainable, and offers a wide range of valuable services to consumers and producers. The survey will inform the business plan for the YFHN.

The Yolo Food Hub Network formed in 2021 with the goal to establish a new food hub facility in Yolo County that supports local and regional agriculture production, purchasing, and consumption. The Yolo Food Hub Network expects the facility to expand food production and distribution channels in Yolo County and in the Greater Sacramento Region, while at the same time improving healthy food access, stabilizing food markets, increasing employment and job training opportunities, and providing pandemic relief for farmers, particularly for BIPOC and historically underserved communities.

Please contact with any questions and contact Spork Food Hub ( or Capay Valley Farm Shop ( for instructions on how to place orders from local farms.