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Listos California Emergency Preparedness Campaign

In 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom and the State Legislature appropriated $50 million to fund the California For All Emergency Preparedness Campaign, a disaster-preparedness initiative housed at the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). This campaign, dubbed Listos California, was a statewide effort to boost disaster preparedness by engaging over one million of the most vulnerable Californians and connecting them with culturally and linguistically competent support through a grass-roots, people-centered approach.

Valley Vision served as the Support Team lead for the campaign.  Serving in this backbone role, Valley Vision created guidance and provided technical assistance to more than 80 community-based organizations across the state that were responsible for the direct engagement and education of residents with emergency preparedness messages and tools.  Our work included creating policies and procedures; designing training programs; fostering continual communication with and between the partners, ranging from large-scale, multi-day summits to recurring weekly check-ins; coordinating data and other impact reporting systems; and distributing resources and tools.

Valley Vision also oversaw the selection and management of more than 100 vendors, contractors, and other experts needed to develop the curriculum, tools, assets, and outreach systems required to engage millions of diverse and vulnerable Californians with appropriate emergency preparedness messages and content.  Assets were very mindfully crafted and customized to provide direct appeal to a variety of populations, including people of different cultures, ages, abilities, and languages spoken.  

The campaign far-exceeded expectations, engaging nearly 4 million diverse and vulnerable residents, making them and their families better prepared for natural disasters.

Additionally, while the Listos California emergency preparedness campaign was intended to focus on natural disasters, such as fire, flood, and earthquakes, it was well-positioned to help share safety information when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020.  The Listos California network quickly mobilized and was able to reach 16 million Californians with health and safety information about COVID-19. 

Learn more on the Listos California website.

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