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Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit 2023

Join the effort to build an inclusive pipeline to grow clean economy jobs in the Sacramento Region!

February 13th 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Workforce demands are shifting across our region in response to the climate crisis, policy mandates, and economic driversTo inform our region’s response to this critical moment, Valley Vision has partnered with The Dorsey Group, a diversity, equity, inclusion consultant firm to produce a Community-Centered Clean Economy event. This is a joint hybrid gathering that celebrates and bridges the Sacramento Region CERF Kick-Off and the Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit.

The Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit will surface challenges and barriers to accessing and thriving in clean economy careers – careers that are future focused, green-oriented and have high wages and benefits. Valley Vision held a series of in-person events in Sacramento, Yolo, and Placer counties to hear from community members directly and will now bring those voices to the forefront to share with jurisdictions, training partners, workforce stakeholders and legislators to foster the development of inclusive career pathways. The notes from the Community, First! Conversation meetings can be accessed here.

The Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF) program advances regional economic recovery and resilience strategies that prioritize the creation of accessible, high-quality jobs in sustainable industries. The Kick-Off launches a two-year planning process that will be used to stand up a High Road Transition Collaborative – a planning group that consists of diverse representation throughout the region – and a regional economic development plan.

The Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit speaks directly to the CERF’s goals of creating high quality and accessible jobs in low carbon industries, with an emphasis on equity by including those who are typically not represented in economic development processes. In turn, the CERF program presents a concrete opportunity to develop strategies, as well as create a path for community members to continue participating in this work.

Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit Project History

On March 30th 2021, Valley Vision held the first Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit with help from Councilmember Eric Guerra and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to explore our region’s response to workforce demands in climate-smart agriculture, mobility, and the built environment. This event included presentations on current climate legislation, justice and inclusion, and workforce development efforts, along with a panel discussion of community members working in clean economy jobs.

Information and resources from the first Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit can be found below:

Questions? More info? Contact Gustavo Garcia at

The Climate, Justice, and Jobs Summit is part of the California Workforce Development Board’s High Road Construction Careers, which is funded through SB1, a statewide initiative that puts dollars to work to advance careers in the building and construction trades as a reliable pathway to the middle class for disadvantaged Californians via multi-craft pre-apprenticeship training.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support and commitment to creating inclusive pipelines and equal access to clean jobs.