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Regional Attitudes: The Livability Poll (2018)

By Evan Schmidt

Valley Vision and Sacramento State’s Institute for Social Research (ISR) released The Livability Poll in November 2018, the third study in a series that captures residents’ attitudes on important regional issues. The Livability Poll will serve as a benchmark study that Valley Vision will gauge progress on annually.

While quality of life is rated high by most respondents, the study also uncovered underlying tensions. The data show that respondents’ have concerns about lack of affordable housing, growing homelessness, issues of safety, and food insecurity.

“There are many ways that the region shines,” says Valley Vision’s chief executive Bill Mueller. “Inclusion, engagement, diversity, high access to basic necessities, and overall community pride are given high marks by poll respondents. But issues like poverty and growing economic disparities are eroding quality of life for some and disagreement over how the region ought to grow illustrate divisions in our communities that regional leaders need to address.”

Ensuring a high quality of life by supporting economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental sustainability is Valley Vision’s core mission, and that makes the Livability Poll our most important one to date. Visit The Livability Poll for a quick glance at top level findings.

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