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Regional Attitudes In Focus: Gen Z and Millennials (2019)

By Evan Schmidt

Valley Vision and Sacramento State’s Institute for Social Research (ISR) have partnered to conduct four public opinion polls since 2017. Our polls have looked at Capital Region residents’ priorities, values, experiences, and preferences on Civic Amenities, Transportation, Quality of Life, and the Environment.

These polls give insight into Capital Region residents’ views on current issues and help inform decision-makers’ strategies and investments related to public infrastructure and community well-being. This report is part of a series of unique profiles that will zero in on subsets of our region’s population to see how our respective ages or other social, geographic, or demographic characteristics influence our experiences, providing a more in-depth view of our region.

Our first report looks at how Millennials and Gen Z (aged 18-38) collectively view the Sacramento region. How do these generations think about their communities and what are their preferences and priorities for the types of communities that they want to live in?

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