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Cleaner Air Partnership

The Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) is a unique collaboration between Breathe California Sacramento Region, the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and Valley Vision. We are a unique public-private partnership across business, transportation, the environment, health, and local government that is committed to ensuring that the region meets clean air standards that protect health, promote economic growth, and support equity.

The work of CAP generally centers on programs that help minimize smog-forming emissions from mobile sources, such as cars and trucks, which are the dominant source of the capital region’s air pollution. CAP supports an incentive-based approach that rewards cooperation, innovation and proactive efforts. CAP is focused on reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are one of the two major ingredients of ground-level ozone or smog; reductions in ozone pollution and NOx also help to reduce two other major kinds of air pollution in our region: PM 2.5, small particles (soot), and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are linked to climate change.

In support of its mission, the Cleaner Air Partnership undertakes:

  • Fact-finding
  • Public education
  • Facilitation and building agreement
  • Policy and advocacy work, endorsing legislative initiatives as appropriate, at the local, state and federal levels on behalf of air quality priorities of the region
  • Support for air-friendly smart-growth principles and their local implementation
  • Support for targeted research activities

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