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Housing Stanislaus

Housing is one of the most fundamental human needs, yet housing availability is at a crisis point throughout California. Too many individuals and families are forced to spend a disproportionate share of their incomes on housing, live farther from work and other daily needs than they would like, or live in overcrowded conditions.

Knowing that the challenges are multi-faceted and that solutions require a collective approach, Stanislaus County engaged Valley Vision to coordinate its Housing Stanislaus initiative. Housing Stanislaus is a collective effort to build a shared vision for housing in Stanislaus County. Through this effort, Valley Vision is working with stakeholders of all backgrounds and interests to establish a common understanding of the needs, challenges, and opportunities associated with housing in Stanislaus County. That information will be used to develop a unified and actionable countywide vision and strategy framework that takes into account priorities, policies, and investments to accelerate affordable and market-rate housing in Stanislaus County.

Through a collective approach, we aim to build a coalition of partners who subscribe to the same priorities, and implement compatible and complementary strategies to make needed housing more available throughout Stanislaus County.

Click here to read a Fact Sheet about Housing Stanislaus.

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