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What Are You Thankful For in 2023?

With 2023 almost at an end, Valley Vision staff were asked “What are you thankful for?”

Thank you to all of our partners and community members who make our work possible; we are thankful for your commitment to making our region a thriving place!

“I’m grateful for family and loved ones, beauty and goodness in the world, and the ability to make positive change.”

Evan Schmidt

“I am thankful for those who wished me well as I married my soulmate earlier this year.”

Adrian Rehn

“I am thankful for the opportunities this year has brought to travel with friends and family, and see breathtaking views!”

Navreet Hundal

“I’m thankful for a team that I can learn FROM and learn WITH, and laugh with all along the winding road!”

Hilary Tellesen

“I’m grateful for my best friend of 13 years who has been there for me through my toughest times and loves to be silly with me.”

Darlene Meza

“I’m grateful for the ability to travel to new places and experience all the wonderful things our beautiful planet has to offer.”

Alana Ramsay

“I am grateful for nature, family, friends, shelter, and each new day!”

Brittnii Johnson

“I am extremely thankful for time off to spend with family and friends during holidays!”

Kathy Saechou

“I am thankful for my partner and my family because they are my ultimate support system when times are tough”

Laurel Smith

“I’m thankful for family, friends, and my dog.”

Diangelo Andrews

“I am thankful for good health and the moments I get to spend with my friends and family”

Angelina Olweny

“I am thankful for crisp fall weather and early morning walks”

Maritessa Ares

“I am thankful for the people in my life who radiate joy and hold a permanent spot in my heart.”

Gustavo Garcia

“I am thankful for furry friends.”

Grace Kaufman

“I’m very grateful for my healthy twin grandbabies/toddlers who bring such joy, and for the ability to work with wonderful co-workers and community partners to help make our region more sustainable and equitable.”

Trish Kelly