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Capital Region Workforce Action Plan

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To create a vibrant and prosperous economy, our region must have a talented workforce – educated, trained and ready – for the 21st Century economy.

Valley Vision supports this mission through the Capital Region Workforce Action Plan, conducting continuous research on the changing economy and the region’s opportunity “industry clusters” in collaboration with the California Community College Centers of Excellence; identifying critical skills gaps in high demand occupations; providing timely information to education and workforce partners to guide responsive programs and investments; and mobilizing regional leaders and businesses to partner on effective and inclusive workforce development solutions.

“Industry clusters” are defined as “a regional concentration of related industries in a particular location.” They consist of companies, suppliers, and service providers, as well as government agencies and other institutions that provide specialized training and education, information, research, and technical support.

The Workforce Action Plan spans several projects, detailed in this overview of the Valley Vision’s 21st Century Workforce Impact Area. One key effort is the California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Program, which is focused on increasing skills and job attainment in Career Education (CE) programs to meet the region’s critical skills gaps in high demand middle skills jobs. Valley Vision is supporting the Los Rios Community College District, in collaboration with Sierra College and Yuba Community College District, to improve the workforce advisory meeting process across industry sectors and broaden opportunities for more systemic and impactful employer engagement.

The Strong Workforce Program complements Valley Vision’s partnership with the region’s four workforce innovation boards on a regional planning effort to streamline and strengthen employer participation and leadership in regional industry sector initiatives, and align education and workforce investments to the changing needs of the economy and workforce. This includes capacity support for the new industry-led employer collaboration to increase the pipeline of skilled workers – the Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative, and the Future of Work project.

The Capital Region Workforce Action Plan builds upon a region-wide “Next Economy” economic analysis identifying promising industry clusters for the Sacramento region to target for job creation and economic growth. Cluster assessment data and reports are available for the the following sectors:

Previous cluster sector data includes: Clean Economy & Education and Knowledge Creation

The Capital Region Workforce Action Plan is also funded by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the Morgan Family Foundation.

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