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Sacramento County Vehicle Emissions Project (VEP)

Where We Were in 2023

Led by a diverse coalition, the Sacramento County Vehicle Emissions Project (VEP) established a community-driven mobile air monitoring network in communities located in the West Arden Arcade, North Highlands, South Sacramento, Vineyard and Gardenland/Northgate neighborhoods to assess public health and environmental impacts due to vehicle emissions. 

In 2023, the VEP coalition, through community engagement and outreach efforts, provided residents in the neighborhoods with air quality information including the public health impacts of vehicle emissions exposure, in addition to gathering health data surveys. The project was initially funded by the Department of Justice until December 2023, but the Sacramento County Department of Public Health and the VEP coalition successfully advocated for an extension through September 30, 2024, in order to collect more air quality data and effectively share health survey findings with residents in the project areas. 

Learn about neighborhood specific health data in the community health report findings below:

Learn about county-wide health data in the report here

Read the full Vehicle Emissions Project summary here

Where We Are in 2024

In 2024, community-centered educational events and other engagement activities are currently in the planning process. These education and outreach activities will focus on sharing back community health data and air monitoring data collected in 2023, as well as equip community members with resources in protecting and advocating for their health and improving air quality. 

Valley Vision, United Latinos and ClimatePlan are leading the community educational events in the South Sacramento and North Vineyard neighborhoods. For more information about educational community events in your neighborhood, please contact Kathy Saechou at

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